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  • NMN Supplements benefits for Boosting Metabolism and Weight Loss

    Release date:2023-08-31

    Nobody likes gaining unhealthy weight and having a jelly belly that hangs. Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and increasing environmental crisis, the current population’s health is only declining. All these factors are not only causing diseases but also increasing the rate of the ageing process. It is not an uncommon sight to see a 25-year-old being obese and succumbing to cardiovascular disorders. Amidst this chaos, there’s still hope, thanks to the advancements in the healthcare sector and longevity science.

    With years and years of research, scientists have now introduced many key molecules that target each process involved in ageing at a molecular level. One such groundbreaking anti-ageing supplement with the potential to revolutionise your life is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). With its healthy properties, the NMN supplement can be a game-changer in maximising your health and vitality.

    So, grab a healthy snack as we unravel the benefits of the emperor of anti-ageing supplements, NMN, that aids in boosting metabolism and also in weight reduction.

    Understanding what is metabolism

    We must have heard “your metabolism is really good” in a regular conversation but what exactly is metabolism? The human body carries out several biochemical reactions, for instance, the conversion of food into glucose which ultimately gives energy or the breakdown of fats. Many such chemical reactions are collectively called “metabolism”. The ultimate goal of all the chemical processes is to provide energy.

    All the normal bodily functions such as breathing, circulation, digestion, cell growth and repair, temperature regulation, everything constitute metabolism.

    How NMN supplements improves metabolism

    NMN supplements improve metabolism by increasing NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ plays a crucial role in converting food into energy by facilitating metabolic reactions. NAD+ levels decline with age, and this decline is thought to contribute to the ageing process.

    By increasing NAD+ levels, NMN supplements may improve metabolism by:

    1. Boosting energy production: NAD+ is a key player in the production of ATP, which is the main source of energy for cells. By increasing NAD+ levels, NMN supplements may enhance ATP production and improve energy levels.
    2. Enhancing mitochondrial function: NAD+ is also involved in the regulation of mitochondrial function, which is crucial for energy production. By improving mitochondrial function, NMN supplements may increase metabolic efficiency.
    3. Regulating gene expression: NAD+ is involved in the regulation of gene expression, which can impact metabolism. By modulating gene expression, NMN supplements may improve metabolic function.

    The AMPK pathway and the sirtuin genes are also responsible for regulating metabolism. The AMPK pathway is also called the master switch of metabolism. The AMPK pathway and Sirtuins, the longevity gene, are dependent on the NAD+ levels in the body.

    How NMN supplements aids weight loss

    Weight gain occurs when there’s excess fat and very little physical activity to break down those fats into energy. This is also a consequence of slowed metabolism where the fat metabolism is impaired. Anti ageing supplements NMN targets the key players in metabolism and aids in weight loss.

    As mentioned previously, it aids in the activation of Sirtuins and also obesity is often associated with inflammation and reduced NAD+ levels, which can lead to poor Sirtuins functioning. Sirtuins as mentioned previously play a crucial role in regulating brain function, metabolism, inflammation, and caloric restriction, making them an important target for preventing obesity and premature death.

    Caloric restriction is one of the most effective ways to activate Sirtuins, however, that is easier said than done. Sirtuins are heavily dependent on NAD+ levels. Thus by replenishing the cells with NAD+, Sirtuins levels can be increased and ultimately, this combined effect can prove beneficial in managing obesity and aid weight loss.

    Increasing NAD+ levels through supplements like NMN promotes SIRT1 activation, leading to metabolic improvement, neuroprotection, cardioprotection, and antioxidant effects. A study featured in Cell Metabolism reported that mice that were administered doses of 100 or 300 mg/kg of NMN for 12 months demonstrated weight reductions of 4% and 9%, respectively. Interestingly, NMN did not bring about weight loss by curbing appetite, but rather by elevating energy expenditure and oxygen consumption.

    As excessive body weight is a significant risk factor for several chronic conditions, NMN may be a valuable tool for supporting weight management and overall health.