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  • NAD+ helps to prevent aging and solve health problems

    Release date:2023-02-01

      Aging and deterioration are things that everyone doesn't want to experience. However, with time flies, our body cycle causes natural deterioration and aging. They can become major causes of sickness and ailment. We believe that there is a way to slow down the process of aging and deterioration from occurring. Together with the advancement of medical technology, it is now so much easier to maintain one's health and at the same time slow down the process with the help of NAD+.

      WHAT is NAD+?

      Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ is the ultimate healthcare solution. Its properties have anti-aging and degeneration prevention capabilities. NAD+ consists of one of the most important molecules in the body which can be found in almost all living cells and it's said to be the key to longevity.

      NAD+ consists of a naturally occurring enzyme that we can find in cells that promotes regeneration and is essential in helping with the repair of the body's organ. In addition, it also helps to slow down aging and reduce  the chance of age-related illness. Studies have found that in middle-aged people, the amount of NAD+ in the body is reduced to 50% as compared to youth. By the time a person reaches 80, NAD+ in the body will mostly be at only 1%-10% which in turn can result in both primary and secondary health risk.

      WHY is NAD+ important in helping to slow down the aging process?

     Dr. David Sinclair, an anti-aging scientist of Harvard University has discovered that NAD+ levels decrease as we age. At the same time, it will be a catalyst for aging as it plays a very important role in optimizing one's body and organ function. NAD+ can protect the DNA that controls the aging of cells and genes in the body. It increases the level of NAD+ in the body to the initial levels and has the ability to prevent various age-related diseases. High levels of NAD+ allow your cells to activate genes that can prevent and fix DNA damage and at the same time helps your cells live longer. As we all know, GOOD HEALTH CAN LEAD TO A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE!

     WHAT do we get from using NAD+ for health maintenance?

     There are evidences to show that NAD+ can slow down cell aging and improve common metabolic defects. They can help with the process of changing cells which includes helping to solve obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, vascular diseases, and more.

     WHO is NAD+ suitable for?
     * Those who want to slow down the deterioration of the body.
     * Those who want to restore the functioning of the nervous systerm.
     * Those who suffer from deterioration of the brain.
     * Those who want to restore strength and muscle function.
     * Those who want to speed up a weight loss program.
     * Those who work hard and want to reduce fatigue and at the same time increase energy.

     However, as the old saying goes" Prevention is better than cure". Preventing and reducing the risk of deterioration of the body can help reduce the risk of various health-related problems. NAD+ can be your solution to a healthier and happier life.